Favicon homefront
Z-10 Chimera
Vehicle type Attack Helicopter
Games found Homefront
Maps found All
Faction Korean People's Army
Crew 2 (1 Pilot,1 Gunner)
Air-to-Ground Rockets
Location(s) Wing Mounted Missile Racks
Ammo quantity Infnite
Air-to-Air Rockets
Location(s) Wing Mounted Missile Racks
Ammo quantity Infinite
30mm Autocannon
Location(s) Turret Mount on Nose
Ammo quantity Infinite
Level unlocked Unlocked on a Match by Match Basis
Duration Until death or end of Match
Flares Infinite

The Z-10 Chimera is an attack helicopter developed by the People's Republic of China and is used by the Korean People's Army.[1]


The Z-10 Chimera has a wide array of possible uses, including anti-armor, anti-personnel, supporting fire, and escort. This allows it to be an incredibly deadly vehicle on the battlefield.


The Z-10 Chimera is the primary attack helicopter for the Korean People's Army. It is seen several times, mostly during the first few levels, though they are there only for a few seconds before being destroyed. The most notable appearance is on the Golden Gate Bridge during the attack on San Francisco. After Jacobs is knocked off of the bridge's deck, a Z-10 will fly by at several scripted spots and shoot its 30mm cannon at him. Later, after returning to the deck, he shoots it down with a Javelin missile.


The Z-10 Chimera is the most expensive vehicle in multiplayer, and, like the AH-64 Apache, is heavily armored, which will slow it down. The armor will, however, prevent the helicopter from taking damage from small arms fire, with the exception of RPG's. However, RPG's will have trouble getting an accurate shot on a Z-10, so they are not a very big threat if you keep on the move. The pilot is able to fire six missiles without locking on, or can hover the reticule over targets for a time to lock on. There is a second seat for a gunner, who controls a 30mm autocannon, with a thermal vision camera for targeting assistance.[2]