Favicon homefront
XM10 rifle
Games found Homefront
Damage Medium
Unlocked at 46
Magazine Size 25
Starting Ammunition 75
Maximum Ammunition 100
Rate of Fire High
Range Medium
Recoil High
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Used by Multiplayer

The XM10 is an American designed and produced advanced assault rifle prototype featured in Homefront. It is used by the United States Armed Forces.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Under development until the project lost its funding in the economic collapse of 2018. A number of prototypes have found their way onto the field.


The XM10 is not found in singleplayer.


The XM10 is unlocked at level 46. Despite what it's in-game stats say, it boasts an extremely high fire rate for an assault rifle. This allows it to match even SMGs up close. It does however suffer from more recoil which affects accuracy at longer ranges.

With the Steady Aim ability and a sight, however it can be used effectively at medium ranges in the right hands, making it a versatile weapon.


  • The XM10 appears to be heavily based on the XM8 prototype assault rifle. The XM8 was intended to be fielded to the U.S. Armed Forces as a replacement for the older M16 and M4. The project was eventually canceled due to a lack of significant performance improvement over the M4 and the favoring of other future rifle concepts.


Homefront Gameplay XM-10 5 STAR THREAT 22-4

Homefront Gameplay XM-10 5 STAR THREAT 22-4