White phosphorus
White P
Games found Homefront
Unlocked at 17
Cost 1600 BP
Type Airstrike

The White Phosphorus airstrike is a single-use, UCAV-launched White phosphorus guided missile.

Single-use, UCAV-launched white phosphorus guided missile. Large area of effect. Tissue burns and smoke inhalation cause instant death.


Unlocked at level 17. When bought for 1600 battle points, or 1260 if the Penny Pincher infantry ability is equipped, the players veiw will be transferred to a UCAV, and the player will have 30 seconds to place the target. You will be able to watch the missile launch and explode, showing how many enemies have been killed. Enemies will be circled in a small red diamond unless they have Ghost. White phosphorus is the most effective anti-infantry airstrike in its class, outclassing Hellfire, though losing to the Cluster Bomb in anti-vehicle damage.