Wally Kopple
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Affiliations California National Guard
Rank Sergeant
Weapon M4 rifle
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Wally Kopple was a National Guardsman in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom.


By the time of the Korean Occupation of the United States, Kopple was a sergeant in the California National Guard, under the command of Captain Michael Hennings. He and his unit found journalist Ben Walker unconscious in the Mojave Desert. The Guardsmen assumed Walker was a Marine because he was wearing a Marine uniform, taken from Camp Wilson, and was carrying a M4 rifle. After learning his identity, Kopple was given the task of training Walker on how to use his M4.

Sometime after departing with Walker in Las Vegas, Kopple and the National Guard unit arrived in Utah and linked up with the Bryce Canyon Resistance cell. Previously, in Nevada, they lost all horses and a Humvee. A week before Ben Walker found the cell, the group previously got into a firefight with the KPA, and lost more then half of their men, including Captain Hennings. After Kopple was reunited with Walker following the destruction of Las Vegas, the cell was compromised and forcing the resistance to travel to Montrose, where they joined Boone Karlson's Resistance cell. Kopple also learned about Walker's popularity as "DJ Ben" and inspired him to becoming the voice of the American Resistance, the "Voice of Freedom".

Months after Walker departed from Montrose, Kopple decided to follow Walker and help him to cross the Mississippi River. He met with another Resistance cell in Denver, where he helped them raid a Korean weapons storage facility and obtained a M1A3 Abrams tank. With the tank, Kopple traveled to Kansas City and helped the local Resistance in making supply deliveries to the St. Peters cell, where he coincidentally meet up with Walker. But since his departure from Montrose, Kopple's health has been deteriorating in which Walker sadly speculated that he is dying.

Using the Abrams, Kopple and Walker traveled to St. Louis while securing a hazmat suit for the latter. Arriving at the New Chain of Rocks Bridge, Kopple stayed behind in the tank to draw the attention of the KPA while Walker travel across the old Chain of Rocks Bridge. He was ultimately killed when Korean AH-64 Apache helicopters destroyed his tank.