Flag of Utah.svg
Games Homefront
Location United States of America

Utah is the 45th state of the United States of America. When the economy started to crumble, survivalist literature became very popular, causing many survivalists camps to form in rural areas in Utah.

In 2025, during the Korean invasion, many in Utah retreated to these survivalist camps in the vast countryside. At least two known Resistance cells are base in Provo and Bryce Canyon. In 2026, local Resistance cells staged a uprising against the KPA in Salt Lake City but only to provoked the KPA to bombing the city with MiG-29 fighter jets.

In 2027, a group of Montrose Resistance fighters traveled to a Utah survivalist encampment in an attempt to retrieve a helicopter. However, the survivalists held little, if no allegiance toward the Resistance, and turned on them. The Resistance fought the survivalists and stole the helicopter.