Homefront The Revolution has been announced.

The game is being developed by Crytek UK and published by Deep Silver. Homefront the Revolution will be available in 2015 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The gameplay reveal will be at E3 2014 next week.

Homefront the Revolution is an open world FPs. The main goal will be to lead the Resistance movement against the superior Korean forces. It is a "A living, breathing, open world responds to your actions." There is also 4 co-op where "you and your friends can form your own Resistance Cell and become renowned as Heroes of the Revolution," separate from the single player campaign. There will be no competitive multiplayer. The game runs on the Cryengine.

Homefront The Revolution takes place in Philadelphia four years after the invasion of The United States by the KPA. It will feature a new protagonist.

Homefront The Revolution - Announcement Trailer US

Homefront The Revolution - Announcement Trailer US


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