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Games Homefront
Location United States of America

Texas is the 28th state in the United States of America.


By 2016, Texas underwent a state of absolute autonomy and became xenophobic due to the United States's economic instability. As a result, Texas closed its borders to refugees.[1]

In February 2017, the controversial Protection Act raised scrutiny when 22 Chicago teenagers and two adult chaperons were trying to travel to a family community center in Tyler, Texas using a commandeered bus fueled by gasoline they stole, but were denied by Texas State Troopers at Texarkana as they were without proper Texas State IDs. A violent clash erupted between the teens and the Troopers, which was a result of the teens attacking the Border Patrolmen in which 14 of the teenagers were killed by gunfire. Illinois Representative Jesse Scaturro condemned the incident and swore to bring military retaliation on Texas in response to Gov. Popadiuk's defense on the State Troopers.

Shortly before the Korean invasion, an attack on the Dallas DART light rail system was launched by an operative under the command of Yi Dae-Hyun, in coordination with similar attacks in Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Denver and New York City.

By 2026, Texas was conquered by the Greater Korean Republic and absorbed into the New Korean Federation of Occupied America. In 2027 there is a prison camp in Fort Worth, and an ore mining operation being undertaken in most of northern Texas. One of the stops of a GKR nationalized slave train is located in central Texas. The black market is also prevalent in Texas in 2027, with a black market trade route leading to Mexico and a black market marina in Corpus Christi.


  1. Southern states enact stronger border control policies