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T3AK rifle
Unlocked at 40
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 90 rounds (Singleplayer)
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition 5.8mm DBP-95
Used by KPA


Single player

The T3AK rifle (QBZ-03) is a Chinese-made assault rifle featured in Homefront. The T3AK is the Korean People's Army's standard issue rifle.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A Chinese-manufactured assault rifle based on the AK-47. Firing the 5.8 x 42 mm cartridge It has a slower firing than the M4 rifle or ACR rifle, but deals considerably more damage at medium range.


Being the primary rifle of the Greater Korean Republic, it can be found in almost every level in the game, usually carried by some KPA soldiers, though it is less common than the M4 (It is rarely found in 'Golden Gate' due to the fact that the 718 division use ACRs  and Super V SMGs).

For some reason, the GKR has not been able to ship enough T3AK rifles to their forces in America. Perhaps the economic crisis slowing production, oil shortages keeping ships in ports, U.S. Naval attacks on KPN supply lines, or diplomatic pressures from the few remaining independent Pacific Ocean nations have had an affect on the status of the firearm.

It is also possible that the rifle is reserved for frontline troops and since most of the enemies the player face are rear guard troops tasked with pacifing the conquered territories they are, probably, supplemented with captured american firearms, aquired from civilian gun shops or captured from the United States Armed Forces

It is the first rifle that can be picked up by the player, dropped by one of the KPA policemen who jumped over the wall to pursue the player in Why We Fight. Some can also be found in various Survivalists armories in Heartland.


The T3AK is unlocked at level 40. The T3AK is slower firing than the M4 rifle or ACR rifle, but deals considerably more damage at medium ranges. Due to its recoil, it is advisable to use short bursts when ADS. The use of steady aim is also advised, as it will reduce the high recoil.


  • In some loading screens in the game and some of the game's wallpapers, most KPA soldiers seem to be holding an AK-103 instead of the T3AK, although the AK-103 does not appear in the game at all. This implies that it was possibly scrapped during the game's development.