"Many beyond the Wall have no allegiance to any cause, other than their own survival. If you must deal with them, be advised that they can be unpredictable, and a fair number are outright insane. "
— The Voice of Freedom, warning about the behavior of the Survivalists
Leader(s) The Captain
Appears in Homefront
Country United States

The Survivalists are an antagonistic faction in Homefront. They are only fought in the level Heartland.[1] The group in Utah is led by a man known only as "The Captain". The Survivalists that are fought in Heartland are located in Utah. In Homefront: The Revolution, there is a survivalist group named the 9-0.



The Survivalist's camp.

Survivalists, according to Connor Morgan, have been preparing themselves for the end of the world since before the Y2K scare. During the collapse of the United States economy, Survivalist ideologies became very popular. When the GKR first attacked in 2025 the Survivalists retreated to large camps in the vast countryside of Utah and other states. Even though they are American, they hold little to no allegiance toward the Resistance, simply fighting for themselves and even are not above giving captured Resistance fighters to the Korean People's Army in exchange for some form of payment. They are extremely racist towards anyone of East Asian descent due to aforementioned Korean aggression, prompting some groups to lynch Asian-Americans, and even capturing KPA soldiers and possibly other ethnic East Asians as slave labor. They also took joys in torturing and toying with their captives.


A survivalist with a Panzerfaust 3.

Boone Karlson of the Montrose Resistance cell made an arrangement with the Survivalists in order to use their helicopter for the Resistance's operation in helping the u.S. military in San Francisco. However, the Survivalists quickly reneged on their deal after learning that Boone was killed by the KPA and turned on what remains of Boone's Resistance group. They then make a new offer: giving over Hopper Lee and Rianna (heavily implying of using Rianna for sexual pleasure and killing or enslaving Hopper for his Korean ancestry) and be allowed to walk away. This forced the Resistance to fight the Survivalists and taking their helicopter by force. It is possible that the Survivalists disbanded afterward as half of their members were killed and they are now leaderless.


Survivalists, due to their hatred of East Asians, use only American weapons such as the M16. There is, however, a T3AK rifle that can be found on a desk shortly after the player exits the church tower.


Survivalists have 125 units of health, compared to 100 units of health for the normal KPA soldiers. As a result, they can survive 1 additional pistol, submachine gun, or assault rifle bullet compared to a KPA soldier. This is despite the fact that Survivalists do not wear any form of body armor, while KPA troops wear a military-grade armor vest. Connor did say that the Survivalists were "Heavily armed and out of their fucking minds." It is possible they wear body armor under their clothes to deceive and intimidate potential opponents.



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