A Sentry Tower

A Sentry Tower is an automated drone used by the Korean People's Army.


A Sentry Tower during processing

A Sentry Tower processing civilians in Montrose, Colorado.

The Sentry Tower is mainly used for security such as guarding a labor camp to prevent escape. The Sentry Tower is equipped with a heavy tri-barrel machine gun, a radar and a spot light in which an enemy is caught in it will begin to open fire. The weakness to the Sentry Tower is a small propane tank located at the back of the tower in which it can be destroyed with a explosive such as a grenade. The Sentry Tower only appears in the campaign.

Appearances Edit

  • The sentry tower first appears in Why We Fight when the tower scans civilians at the processing center. Later, it shifted its focus to Robert Jacobs and another pilot and were scanned.
  • The sentry tower reappears in Freedom when Robert Jacobs has to take out multiple towers in order to head over to the prisoner camp to get the tracking devices needed for the fuel trucks.
  • The sentry tower appears one last time in Golden Gate when Robert Jacobs was knocked out by a missile from a KPA helicopter, and he dashes under the bridge, while Rianna and Connor Morgan thinks he is dead He later climbs up to the checkpoint and takes out the KPA guards, and eventually destroys the two towers.