Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
المملكة العربية السعودية
(Al-Mamlakah Al-ʾĀrabīyah As-Saʿūdīyah)
Flag of Saudi Arabia
Appears in Homefront
Active 1932-present

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country that makes up most of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the birthplace of Islam and has been the center of Islamic culture for fourteen centuries. The modern nation came about from the unification of various tribes after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The discovery of petroleum and a subsequent alliance with the United States in the 20th Century made Saudi Arabia extremely wealthy. By the 21st Century, Saudi Arabia was the largest oil producer in the world.  

Homefront TimelineEdit

After the withdrawal of American military forces from the Middle East in 2012, Iran began to expand its military and economic capabilities as well as build new influence over the region. Having an already negative relationship with Iran and wanting to establish its own sphere of influence, Saudi Arabia began to challenge their Iranian counterparts by purchasing large amounts of modern weaponry from the United States.[1]

The success of Iran's nuclear weapons program in 2014 quickly prompted Saudi Arabia to develop its own weapons.[2] The next year, the Saudi military moved to occupy southern Iraq to protect Sunni Muslims from sectarian violence and challenge Iran's occupation of northern Iraq.[3] The Saudis also established a military coalition with Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey.[4] The intense standoff between Saudi Arabia and Iran eventually boiled over into an intense regional conflict dubbed as the Oil Wars. The United States supported Saudi Arabia and its allies with funds, equipment, and even troop deployments. However, it seems that America's commitment waned due to the economic crisis at home, civilian disagreement over the war, and an increasing anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle East. The war dragged on through numerous attempted peace talks before ending in 2016.

It seems that Saudi Arabia was defeated by Iran in the Oil Wars, although it cannot be confirmed. The loss of territory in Iraq and numerous airstrikes on the homeland proved too much for the Kingdom. Due to Iranian aistrikes destroying most of the Arab region's oil wells, pipelines, and refineries, it is likely that the region's economy collapsed. Around the world, the War wrecked havoc at the gas pump; driving prices up to $20 a gallon due to the greatly reduced global supply, therefor greatly inflating the American dollar. It is unknown what became of Saudi Arabia in the years after the wars.

Revolution TimelineEdit

Saudi Arabia was affected in some ways by the War on Terror. The capital city of Riyadh was destroyed by a smuggled Iranian nuclear bomb in 2016.


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