Unlocked at 32
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition 7.62 NATO
Used by Multiplayer

Single player

The SCAR-H is a Belgian made battle rifle featured in Homefront. It is a variant of the SCAR-L. in game, it is converted into an LMG.


The MG variant of the SCAR comes equipped with a 100 round (actually 75 in the game) twin drum 7.62mm Beta-C MAG magazine and a vertical foregrip with integrated bipod. Not much of use when using at long range.


It is equipped with a high-capacity 100-round Beta C-Mag drum magazine and a Grippod. It has high power and will usually only take one or two shots to eliminate an enemy. It is highly advised to find this weapon on the levels where it is available because the of the high concentration of enemies on said levels. The SCAR-H has a high rate of fire that can deal with this.


The SCAR-H is unlocked at level 32. The SCAR-H has less recoil than the M249 and features a 75 round twin drum magn unlike the 100 round one as in single player. It utilizes the silencer attachment, Red Dot scopes, Holographic scopes and ACOG scopes, but cannot have underbarrel attachments. It has a high rate of fire but relatively high recoil and sway and therefore it must be fired in bursts if one expects to hit a target at long-range.

Trivia Edit

  • in real life, it is possible to convert the SCAR-H rifle to make it look like an LMG by putting 100 round beta C drum mags in it and inserting a bipod