Российская Федерация
(Rossijskaya Federatsiya)
Games Homefront

Russia is the world's largest country and stretches from Asia into eastern Europe. As the Soviet Union, it provided significant economic and military aid to North Korea, whose creation it was largely responsible for, and for decades waged the Cold War against the United States and the Western world, from the end of World War II to 1991  Though no longer the Soviet Union, there are some degrees of military tension with the United States and NATO.

Homefront TimelineEdit

In August 2015, as the global economy worsens (due to a variety of factors, including a strike in Venezuela and ongoing political instability in Nigeria), with the United States and China particularly badly hit, Russia signs a "mutual interest" pact with neighboring Ukraine, keeping all their oil and natural gas between the two countries, and cutting off trade of these resources with the rest of Europe, resulting in an energy crisis with apparently brutal consequences for Western Europe in the winter.

When Korea pursues a more aggressive foreign policy and starts invading and annexing various neighboring countries over the next several years, Russia along with China sold weapons, equipment, and vehicles (including the Mikoyan MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut jet fighters) to the GKR. Russia neither openly aids nor attempts to stop Korea's expansionism into the rest of Asia and eventually the United States (and most likely is far too occupied with its internal economic turmoil and domestic issues to intervene on either side).