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The Resistance

The Resistance is an underground insurgent group that opposes the North Korean occupation of the United States.


The Resistance originated in Philadelphia and began their rebellion against the North Korean occupation in 2027. After much heavy fighting, the Resistance were driven underground while leaving much of the city in ruins.

Philadelphia UprisingEdit

In 2029, Benjamin Walker, a prominent figure of the Resistance, was captured by the KPA. The Resistance led by Jack Parrish attempted to rescue Walker while inciting the citizens of Philadelphia to rise up against their occupiers with the aid of the Resistance's newest member, Ethan Brady. However, the Resistance failed in their objective as Walker was brainwashed and relocated to an unspecified location, and one of their members, James Crawford, betrayed them and allowing the KPA to coordinate a massive strike on Resistance strongholds throughout the city.


The Resistance celebrates their victory over the KPA during the liberation of Philadelphia.

Despite of their losses, the Resistance managed to retaliate by infiltrating Independence Hall and (unintentionally) killing North Korean collaborator Mayor William Simpson on live television. In desperation, Parrish gave a speech urging the American people to rise up against the KPA, which succeeds in spurring the people of Philadelphia to rebel. However, this forced the KPA to releasing nerve gas upon the city via airships. The Resistance barely saved the city after disabling the KPA's Duster drones and destroying the airships with captured surface-to-air missile launchers. Philadelphia soon fall under the control of the Resistance and thereafter other American cities began to revolt.


Days after the rebellion, the Resistance struggle to maintain its hold over Philadelphia while threatened by demoralization and desertion, attributed to Benjamin Walker, who was actually tortured and coerced by the KPA and making propaganda broadcast against the Resistance. The Resistance called for the death of Walker to cease the demoralization. However, Ethan Brady went against the Resistance's mark for death and personally rescued Walker while exonerating his innocence.

Beyond the WallsEdit

Weeks after the Philadelphia uprising, the Resistance movement's efforts is inevitably crushed by the KPA, with cities under Resistance control soon fallen back to the more technologically advanced KPA and the Philadelphia Resistance becoming the last remaining cell. The Philadelphia Resistance were eventually routed in which Parrish realized the Resistance's hold over the city was lost and ordered the Resistance to evacuate from Philadelphia.

Despite their near defeat, the Resistance learned about NATO's plan to launch an invasion against KPA-occupied America. The Resistance assisted in helping NATO engineer Lisa Burnel to repair a nuclear missile that would be use to destroy the APEX satellite network, disabling the KPA's weapon system and allowing NATO to attack the KPA unimpeded. The Resistance's efforts succeeded and giving them another chance to liberating America and as well as gaining tremendous support from NATO.

Organisation Edit

The Resistance is a nationwide network, spanning all over the continental United States, connected by underground tunnels and abandoned subway stations that the Resistance use to hide from the Korean People's Army. Due to their inferior numbers and technology, they primarily make use of guerrilla tactics such as ambushing KPA patrols, assassinating KPA personnel, stealing KPA weapons and technology and waging petty warfare against KPA forces. Virtually all of the Resistance's weapons are improvised, as all of the KPA's technology is locked down with biometric identification software, making it impossible for an individual outside the KPA to use one of their weapons. However, the Resistance are able to salvage and restock supplies such as ammunition and medical equipment from the KPA from the field.

Resistance weaponry makes use of a modular system that allows for Resistance fighters to modify their equipment in the field; for example, Resistance Assault Rifles can be converted into a light machine gun or a limpet mine launcher, depending on the situation and the equipment required. The Resistance also makes use of the Guerrilla Toolkit, which are a series of improvised devices designed to meet the needs of the Resistance arsenal against foes such as KPA Armored Cars and Seeker automated drones.

Weapons Edit

  • Handgun- Used by a sidearm by most fighters.
  • Submachine Gun- Fully automatic modification of the Handgun.
  • Pneumatic- Pneumatic modification of the Handgun
  • Assault Rifle- Primary weapon for most fighters.
  • LMG- Light Machine Gun modification of the Assault Rifle.
  • Limpet Mine Launcher- Launcher modification of the Assault Rifle.
  • Shotgun- Used by some Resistance fighters.
  • Full-Auto- Fully automatic modification of the Shotgun.
  • Inferno Launcher- Flamethrower modification of the Shotgun.

Guerrilla Toolkit Edit

  • Incendiary- Anti-infantry firebomb, produces a large burst of flames.
  • Explosive- High explosive IED, causes a large explosion that can destroy vehicles.
  • Distraction- Non-lethal firecracker, causes a series of small explosions that prompt enemies to investigate.
  • Hack Tool- Non-lethal device, produces a small blue plume of smoke that will cause certain systems to activate and others to focus on enemy soldiers.


The RevolutionEdit

The Voice of FreedomEdit

Beyond The Walls Edit

  • Lisa Burnel (KIA) - NATO Engineer and supporter, killed by KPA forces during the Third Battle of Philadelphia.
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