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Red Dot Sight
The Mk1 Red Dot Sight while aimed down the sight
Games found Homefront
Kills required 50 kills
Variations MK1, MK2, MK3

The Red Dot Sight is an optical attachment which projects a coloured dot reticle in alignment with the sights for faster and easier aiming.


It is unlocked after 50 kills are scored with the weapon, and is available for all weapons except for sniper rifles.

It essentially replaces the iron sights of the current weapon by a Red Dot Sight, which has a coloured dot in the center. While it is called "Red Dot", green and blue dot is also available. While it offers no magnification unlike the ACOG or Holo scopes, it allows for better peripheral vision for the player than iron sights or any of the other optics and thus usable in almost any range.

There are three variations available: Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3. Note that unlike the other optical attachments, the Red Dot Sight has more significant differences between each variants. Apart from the shape and appearance of the sights, each variant have different coloured reticle. Mk1 has red dot, Mk2 has green dot, and Mk3 has blue dot. They still perform similarly and the choice strictly depends on the player's preference.