RQ-10 Parrot
HomeFront BonusLG
Vehicle type Unmanned Reconnaissance Drone
Games found Homefront
Maps found All
Faction Korean People's Army, United States Armed Forces
Crew None
Level unlocked 6
Duration Until Drone Death, Complete Battery Depletion, or Controller Death
Flares None

The RQ-10 Parrot is an airborne spy drone that allows the user to locate targets that are hidden from view if flown properly over a guarded area or where enemies may be hiding.[1]

The movement system features a battery that will deplete when the drone moves. [1]


A battery-powered, remote-control quadricopter. Cameras relay targeting info to teammates and if another drone is targeted and marked it will relay the location of the operator to the teammates as well. It is vulnerable to EMP, small arms fire, and anti-air rockets. It has no weapons of its own, however battle points are awarded for marking enemy players instead of points for kills.


Unlocked at level 6 or day 1 with Gamestop pre-order (along with SCAR-L and Auto Repair Ability, and permanently the 870 Express Shotgun). The drone can easily get you more battle points than you spend on it if you continuously mark targets. Marking a target earns you 30 BP each. If a teammate kills your marked target you will get a drone assist, worth 40 BP. It is lightly armored and can be destroyed in around 4-6 hits with bullets (verification needed), If the enemy is marked they will be alerted by a audio cue and your drone will be marked itself to that marked enemy. The KPA's drone has the recognizable North Korean star on top of it with red edges on the propellers, while the USA's has yellow edges with the number 23 on the left side, and both have a flashing red light on the bottom. If a player is marked by the drone, then the drone itself becomes marked, often forcing a rapid retreat. The RQ-10 Parrot is available for ingame purchase for 250 Battle Points.

With the Drone Be Gone, Tough Hide and My Buddy abilities, the parrot drone will be able to survive longer and you'll be able to mark quicker and much longer.

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  • The RQ-10 Parrot is based off a real toy drone named the "AR.Drone"[2], designed and manufactured by Parrot SA, a French wireless electronics company.

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