RPG launcher
RPG launcher in game menu
Games found Homefront
Unlocked at 1
Cost 250 BP
Magazine Size 1
Starting Ammunition 3
Maximum Ammunition 3
Reload Time 2 seconds
Rate of Fire single
Ammunition Rocket
Used by

The RPG Launcher is a rocket launcher featured in Homefront. Its real name is "Panzerfaust 3". It is a German-made disposable dumbfire rocket-propelled grenade launcher. It comes equipped with high-explosive warheads and has anti-personnel and anti-armor capabilities.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Disposable dumbfire rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Comes equipped with high-explosive warheads.


The RPG is encountered often throughout the campaign, mostly used by the KPA. It is used by Jacobs to destroy the C4 laden Goliath at the end of the chapter The Wall, and a T-99 in Golden Gate. It is also used by Survivalists to keep KPA helicopters away.


The RPG launcher is unlocked at level 1. It is a battle point reward costing 250 BP. It takes up Purchase slot 1 or 2 depending on your choice. Once bought it can be used after death, unless all ammunition is already used.

When bought, the RPG launcher has 3 rockets, which is enough to take out most vehicles if all hit. M1151's can take 2 Rockets, LAV-25's can take 3 rockets, and Tanks can take 4 rockets. It is not effective against helicopters as it cannot lock-on. Also, it advised not to use the RPG against infantry as it is often hard to make direct contact which is required for death.


  • The Panzerfaust 3 is in use with the German Army, the Republic of Korea Army (South Korean Army), and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
  • The original Panzerfaust was developed by Nazi Germany as an anti-tank weapon.
  • The modern KPA of North Korea use the Chinese Type 69 RPG. They likely use this variant during their occupation of the United States.
  • The modern U.S. Armed Forces do not use RPG launchers of any kind. It is probable they were forced to use them due to the depletion of their own rockets in addition to losing their own launchers to the KPA.