Games Homefront: The Revolution
Location Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia is an American city in the state of Pennsylvania. The city was the historical birthplace of America's independence in 1776. Philadelphia is the main setting of Homefront: The Revolution.


In 2025, North Korea occupied the United States, and set up Philadelphia as their capital. In 2027, a major uprising by a local American militia occurred in Philadelphia. Although the uprising was suppressed, much of the city was in ruins and surviving elements of the uprising persists. Following the failed uprising, Philadelphia is heavily policed by the KPA and is divided into three separate zones.

The Resistance is active in the city and formulating a rebellion against the KPA occupiers. In 2029, the Resistance launched a costly yet successful rebellion. Although the KPA attempted to release nerve gas upon the city to wipe out both resistance and collaborators alike, the Resistance managed to save the city and the KPA were driven from Philadelphia. But weeks after the uprising, the KPA returned to the city with greater force and forced the Resistance to abandoning Philadelphia.[1]

Zones of OccupationEdit

Philadelphia is split into three zones.

  • Red Zone: The most decrepit and ruined area of Philadelphia, only lightly policed to maintain relative order. The Resistance has a foothold here, due to the reduced policing and presence of KPA forces. Snipers have a high presence here, so the Resistance must avoid them or take them out. KPA Airships patrol the Red Zones to find Resistance members with their scanner-like spotlight and kill them.

    Known Red Zones include:
  • Yellow Zone: The residential area of Philadelphia, policed more than the Red Zone. The Yellow Zone residents seem to live relatively normal lives, but they are still harassed by the KPA and the Police.

    Known Yellow Zones include:
    • Ashgate Yellow Zone
    • Earlston Yellow Zone
    • Greentree Yellow Zone
    • Restricted Zone: The Restricted Zone functions as a massive prison for the city of Philadelphia, where the KPA keeps under lock and key both real criminals and those who oppose their regime. Patrolled by KPA forces on catwalks, it allows the prisoners near free reign of the streets below. While not explicitly labelled as a Yellow Zone, it functions as such.
  • Green Zone: The wealthy district of Philadelphia, appearing to house many of the manors of North Korea's Diplomats, and the Government Building, along with affluent residents. The Green Zone is extremely heavily policed, and the Resistance will be required to conquer both other zones before attempting to attack the Green Zone.

As Philadelphia is retaken by the Resistance, scenes will change across the city as citizens begin to openly support the resistance, and KPA installations are converted into rebel bases.



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