PWS Diablo SMG
PWS Diablo SMG
Unlocked at 1
Magazine Size 30
Fire Mode Full-Automatic
Ammunition Bullets
Used by American Resistance, United States Armed Forces, Survivalists, Korean People's Army

The PWS Diablo SMG is a very compact assault rifle (classed in game as a submachine gun) featured in Homefront. It is used by the American Resistance, United States Armed Forces, Survivalists, and Korean People's Army. It fires 5.56x45mm NATO at a rate of 750-900 rounds per minute.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

It has a similar design to the M4, but is lighter and shorter. Its vertical foregrip makes it the perfect tool for close-quarters combat.


The PWS Diablo SMG appears in every single player mission, and is used jointly by the United States Armed Forces and the KPA. Rianna also uses this weapon as her primary weapon of choice.

The PWS Diablo SMG and Super V SMG have the lowest damage per individual bullet of the singeplayer campaign's weapons, requiring 3 hits to kill a Korean military police soldier, 4 hits to kill a Korean regular soldier, 5 hits to kill a survivalist, and 6 hits to kill a 718 special forces soldier. In contrast, any assault rifle will kill a MP or Regular soldier in 2 shots, or survivalist or 718 in 3 shots.


The PWS is unlocked at level 1 as the default SMG. Like the M4, it has very good traits. Being an SMG, it could be thought a short-ranged weapon, however the PWS Diablo is very similar to the M4. It has three quarters of the M4's range. As it is a smaller variant of the M4, it handles like an M4.

When equipped with the Tactical Reload Ability in multiplayer, the gun reloads in half a second.

From a far distance, the PWS Diablo requires burst firing due to its high rate of fire, 750-900 rounds per minute.

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