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  • Lordqaz

    Homefront The Revolution has been announced.

    The game is being developed by Crytek UK and published by Deep Silver. Homefront the Revolution will be available in 2015 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The gameplay reveal will be at E3 2014 next week.

    Homefront the Revolution is an open world FPs. The main goal will be to lead the Resistance movement against the superior Korean forces. It is a "A living, breathing, open world responds to your actions." There is also 4 co-op where "you and your friends can form your own Resistance Cell and become renowned as Heroes of the Revolution," separate from the single player campaign. There will be no competitive multiplayer. The game runs on the Cryengine.

    Homefront The Revolution takes place in Philadelphia four years after the invasion of The United States by the KPA. It will feature a new protagonist.

    • @HomefrontGame
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  • Lordqaz

    THQ Bankruptcy and Auction

    January 24, 2013 by Lordqaz

    In mid December THQ filed for bankruptcy. THQ's assets have since been auctioned off. What does that mean for the Homefront series and Homefront 2? Crytek, the developers of the Crysis series, made the winning bid of $544,218 for the Homefront IP. The sale in still pending approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. For now it appears that Homefront 2 will be owned by Crytek.

    Complete list of winning Bids:

    Asset Winning Bidder Bid
    Homefront Crytek $544,218
    Relic Entertainment (Compant of Heroes) Sega $26.6mil
    THQ Montreal (1666, Underdog) Ubisoft $2.5
    Evolve (in dev at Turtle Rock Studios) Take-Two Interactive $10.894 mil
    Volition, Inc. (Saints Row) Koch Media $22,321,925
    Merto Series Kock Media $5,877,551
    South Park: The Stick of Truth Ubisoft $3,265,306 Read more >
  • Lordqaz

    THQ announced, on February 22 2012, that a Homefront Ultimate Edition will be released on March 23 (still plenty of time to pre-order). This edition will only be available in Europe. It has a suggested retail price of £19.99/€24.99. It will include all of the previously release DLC (The Rock, Fire Sale, and 870 Express shotgun). It will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, no word on if it will be released on PC. It is available for the PC.


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  • Lordqaz

    THQ has announced that the next, currently unnamed, title in the Homefront series will be developed by Crytek UK with an expected release date in 2014. The game will use the "latest CryEngine technology" and will be released for PC and consoles. Due to the 2014 release date the game could be released on next-gen consoles.

    THQ is promising that it "will deliver that AAA-quality experience that players demand.”

    Crytek UK is know for developing the TimeSplitters series and the multiplayer portion of Crysis 2.

    • Official Homefront website
    • Eurogamer

    NOTE: Only confirmed information is allowed. Posting leaked or false information is not allowed

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  • Lordqaz

    Homefront DLC

    June 1, 2011 by Lordqaz

    Downloadable content for Homefront has been announced for release on June 7th on the Xbox 360. The DLC, called Fire Sale, is set to cost 240 MSP ($3US). Fire Sale will include two all new multiplayer maps. PC and PS3 release dates are unknown at this time.

    Also on June 7th, the 870 Express shotgun will be made available for purchase for 80 MSP ($1US) and a free Premium Homefront Theme for the Xbox dashboard will also be available.

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  • Dudebot121256

    The IRC channel is a great way to talk and socialise with other editors. If you're using the wiki, why not hop on the IRC channel? We're always looking for more people to join.

    The IRC channel can also be used to discuss wiki matters, and is a great collaboration medium.

    Check out the IRC page for information on IRC, and try it out! You'll enjoy talking to editors real-time.

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  • Dudebot121256

    I'm glad to announce the Wiki is up and running.

    User High-light is also enabled so Admins will have a green High-lighted name and Bureaucrats will have a blue High-lighted name.

    Finally, I am holding a contest. Anyone that wants to participate can upload a new Logo. I will then choose the best one, upload it to the Wiki and the winner will be upgraded to Bureaucrat. I will also choose 2 runner-ups that will be upgraded to Admin.

    Dudebot • Talk 18:52, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

    P.S. I'm not trying to troll.

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  • Dudebot121256

    The Homefront Wiki now has an email set up so if you have any private questions and want to ask only an Admin or Bureaucrat, you can email us at;

    Also, the Youtube channel for the Homefront Wiki is up and running so don't forget to check it out.

    Dudebot • Talk 23:04, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Dudebot121256

    Disclaimer: This has been copied directly from the official homefront site.

    Homefront PC Update Available

    We are happy to announce that a small patch is available for PC players with the below optimizations & fixes:

    • Improved quickmatch logic, players will now join populated servers.
    • Improved ping queries on servers, player count, gametag info and general server info.
    • Limited number of concurrent ping and rules queries, this prevents issues associated with query spam (disconnects on certain ISP's and network hardware).
    • The friends list will now display all friends that are in dedicated server games.
    • The player list will populate when using the server info option.

    The patch is now available on Steam and will be downloaded the next time you start Homefront. Please keep your feedback coming!

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  • Dudebot121256

    Disclaimer: This has been copied directly from the official homefront site.

    Xbox 360 Title Update Progress

    The Homefront team submitted an Xbox 360 title update to Microsoft earlier today. While we do not have an exact date for this update to be approved, we will be working very closely with Microsoft to fully test and deliver this update as quickly as possible.

    This title update should address many of the issues our community has identified with the game over the past few weeks. Once Microsoft approves it, we will reveal more specific information about what this update contains. The entire team at both KAOS and THQ would like to thank you for playing Homefront and being a member of our community. We appreciate your dedication and patience as we continue to improve and enhance the game with each update.


    The Homefront Team

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  • Rliant1864

    The PS3 update designed to improve online and offline stability has been released in North, Central, and South America as well as in Europe. While no specific fixes were stated in the news release, Kaos Studios says that it will help with multiplayer freezing and server crashes. The update is not yet available in Asia yet, but Kaos Studios says they are doing final testing and will be releasing it to their Asian customers soon.

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  • Rliant1864

    Kaos Studios has announced that it has a released a tool exclusively for Steam players that allows them to set up and manage their own multiplayer servers.

    Features Include:

    • Server Name
    • Password
    • Max Team Kills/Boot team killers
    • Max Players
    • Respawn and Round Timers
    • Score Limits
    • VAC Secured Toggle
    • Friendly Fire Toggle
    • Auto Team Balancing Toggle
    • Disable Vehicles Toggle
    • Record Game Toggle
    • Player List
    • Ban Lists

    And more options for designated server administrators.

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  • Dudebot121256

    Disclaimer: This has been copied directly from the official homefront site.

    Homefront PC Patch 1.0.3 Now Available!

    The latest patch is now available on Steam and will be downloaded the next time you start Homefront.

    • We now store two separate ban lists on servers; a local ban list, and a global ban list. The local ban list is for bans that originate on the server (via kickbans, etc). The global ban list is for bans that are initiated by a trusted ban list authority. The ban lists store the date of ban, the name of the admin who initiated the ban, the reason for the ban, and a URL field for any relevant ban evidence (demos etc).

    • A DemoURL can now be specified in the server playlist, this is used to indicate the location of stored demo files to user’s in-game (see the multiplayer options screen). A good practice for server admins would be to share the demo folder via FTP, this would allow users to grab demos of games they starred in, and also (very importantly!) allow users and anti-cheat a…

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  • JoePlay

    A new gameplay video, titled Multiplayer Carnage, has been released. In it you'll see "infantry, drones, airstrikes and vehicles collide on the battlefields of Occupied America."

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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro

    I've gone ahead and added user hilite for our wiki, so if you see somebody's name in blue or green, you should know they're a b'crat or sysop, respectively.

    I was considering adding hilite for rollback users as well.

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  • JoePlay

    Joystiq has posted a preview of Homefront's multiplayer. It discusses the game's Battle Points system, as well as a newly announced feature named "Battle Commander."

    Battle Commander "makes large scale warfare personal [and] rewards players for having vendettas," senior designer Brian Holinka told us. It's Homefront's take on the killstreak: perks that empower players that rake in consecutive kills. But there's an important twist: with each "perk" that you receive, you become an increasingly vulnerable target, with the AI assigning personal assassination missions to the opposing team in order to bring you down.

    Read the entire preview at Joystiq

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  • JoePlay

    Senior designer Brian Holinka spoke about the importance of dedicated servers at a recent press event.

    "You have to think about your constraints when you're making a game. If we host a server on a console, all of a sudden, that console is both server and it's playing the game. That really lowers everything: player count, the number of vehicles, everything. Dedicated servers allow us to offload all that work and basically all the client has to worry about is running the game."

    See more at Joystiq

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  • JoePlay

    Homefront will make use of THQ's Online Pass. The Online Pass is THQ’s response to used game sales. New copies of the game will contain a single-use code that unlocks the majority of Homefront's online multiplayer. Players who buy a used copy will be able to play all the multiplayer maps, but their progress will be capped at level 5, unless they buy an Online Pass for $10.

    Source: Edge

    Commenting has been disabled due to the obviously massive amount of people incapable of READING before POSTING. YuriSpeak. 19:28, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Wagnike2

    News Section Added

    July 8, 2010 by Wagnike2

    In hopes of bringing you all the news and updates about everything Homefront related, we have decided to make this new News section which will be updated as news comes out regarding Homefront. Stay tuned.

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