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Location United States of America

Nevada is the 36th state in the United States of America.


In 2025 Nevada was invaded by the KPA and annexed into the New Korean Federation of Occupied America.

In January 2026, Las Vegas was destroyed by the KPA. Months later in November, the Hoover Dam was re-named in honor of Kim Jong-un. By 2027, there is a slave camp located near the Dam.[1] Also in 2027, a convoy of KPA jet fuel tankers passed through Carson City and were captured near the Nevada-California border by Resistance forces that had been tracking them from Colorado.


  • The level Overwatch partly takes place in Nevada until the group crosses the Nevada-California border.
  • It is assumable that the KPA utilized Nellis Air Force Base to transport supplies, equipment, troops, and workers to Boulder City and Hoover Dam.


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