Multiplayer is one of the modes that you can play in Homefront. In Multiplayer, you can play matches with other people online.

Multiplayer ModesEdit

Ground ControlEdit

32-Player. Capture and hold objectives A, B and C to move the frontline and progress the battle.

Team DeathmatchEdit

24-Player. Two teams battle it out in a match to secure the most kills.


16-Player. Cycles both Team Deathmatch and Ground Control modes on various maps.

Battle Commander (GC)Edit

24-Player. Hunt enemy threats spotted by your Commander. Become a threat and dominate the match in this GC style mode.

Battle Commander (TDM)Edit

24-Player. Hunt enemy threats spotted by your Commander. Become a threat and dominate the match in this TDM style mode

BC SkirmishEdit

16-Player. Cycles both Battle Commander TDM and GC modes on various maps.

Multiplayer MapsEdit

Angel IslandEdit

Over the years, Angel Island has served as an army post, an immigration center, and a national park. It now serves the KPA as a base for comm stations and SAM sites. In order to retake San Francisco, the Marines will have to capture Angel Island.


When the Koreans detonated an EMP weapon over North America, what few cars were still on the roads stopped dead. The KPA and U.S. military fights over stretches of crumbling highway, around seas of frozen vehicles.


As people fled from the failing suburbs, they left an ocean of empty houses behind them. These neighborhoods, which once represented the American dream, have become a battleground as the U.S. and KPA struggle for control of the nation.


When government agricultural subsidies dried up in 2018, many farmers sought work in the cities and left their fields to rot. The KPA now attempts to seize farms across the country in order to control the food supply.

Green ZoneEdit

This commercial/industrial district was fortified and designated a "green zone" by the Korean Provisional Authority. A raid conducted by scattered U.S. forces will attempt to rout the KPA from the area.


In order to "encourage" residents to leave strategic areas, the KPA Citizen's Engineering Brigade breached multiple dams and reservoirs. This caused catastrophic flooding in the surrounding areas and allowed the military to move in.


This neighborhood has become a ghost town, its residents relocated to nearby labor camps. U.S. forces move against the KPA in an attempt to gain control of the Montrose Security Checkpoint (aka "the Wall").

Server ShutdownEdit

Due to THQ's closing in December due to bankruptcy, the servers for Homefront have been shutdown. However, Crytek has acquired the Homefront IP in January 2013. Unfortunately, Crytek has no plans to bring back the servers of Homefront.