MQ50 MG Wolverine
Vehicle type Unmanned Ground Drone
Games found Homefront
Maps found All
Faction Korean People's Army, United States Armed Forces
Crew None
Machine Gun
Location(s) Mini-turret
Ammo quantity Infinite
Level unlocked 1
Duration Until Death of Drone, Death of Controller, or Complete Battery Depletion
Flares None

The MQ50 MG Wolverine is a drone outfitted with a large-caliber machine gun (possibly a M240) for anti-infantry purposes. It is designed to damage the enemy while allowing the user to safely hide behind cover, but is vulnerable to frag grenades and EMP attacks.[1]

Like all drones, the Ground Assault Drone has a life determined by its battery. When the user fires the gun or moves, battery power is drained until the drone becomes inoperable.[1]


A battery-powered, multi-terrain tracked drone. The assault variant is equipped with a machine gun and is vulnerable to EMP and melee damage. It is excellent for hit-and-run attacks due to small size. It also tends to get destroyed easily when being shot at with a M4 or ACR rifle from a medium distance.


It is unlocked at level 1 and costs 500 BP. It can be used effectively for clearing out a group of enemy infantry that are capturing a control point during Ground Control, provided that you see them before they see you. If the drone is destroyed often you've weakened them enough to rush in a clear out the rest, but make sure you have backup just in case.



  • Its name, "Wolverine", may be a reference to the movie Red Dawn.
  • The "Wolverine" has a high resemblance with the Foster-Miller TALON tracked military robot currently used by the US military.
  • The MQ50 was featured in its TALON design near the end of Homefront: The Voice of Freedom. Several Wolverines were confiscated by the KPA and used to remotely guard numerous bridges crossing the Mississippi River, including the Chain of Rocks bridges. They were commanded by a station between the two bridges that was destroyed by Wally Kopple's M1A3 Abrams tank.


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