MQ-60 AT Rhino
Vehicle type Unmanned Anti-tank Drone
Games found Homefront
Faction Korean People's Army, United States Armed Forces
Guided Anti-Armor Rockets
Location(s) Turret
Ammo quantity Infinite
Level unlocked 21
Duration Until Drone is Destroyed, Death of Pilot, or Complete Battery Depletion

The MQ-60 AT Rhino is a weapon featured in Homefront.


A combat drone outfitted from anti-vehicle work. It's powerful rocket launcher makes short work on most hard targets and can also lock on and engage low-flying aircraft. While being less effective against infantry units.


The MQ-60 AT Rhino is an unmanned anti-tank drone that is usable in multiplayer.

Its four-barrelled missile launcher gives the player the ability to harrass enemy armor. When a vehicle, drone or helicopter is targeted, and after a short lock-on delay, the Rhino unleashes a salvo of 4 missiles at it, though banking the missiles ahead of moving targets would be ideal.

Against enemy infantry, it launches a single unguided missile. However it's very hard to do so giving the slow speed and reload times.[1]

Like the other drones, the Ground Anti-Tank Drone is limited by a battery, which will drain whenever the user fires or moves. It is unlocked at level 21 and costs 400 BP.