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M249 LMG
Unlocked at 1
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition 5.56 NATO
Used by Multiplayer

Single player

The M249 SAW LMG is the American version of the Belgian made FN Minimi light machine gun. It has a high cyclic rate and accepts both 200-round belts and 30-round STANAG magazines. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round, the same as the M16 and M4 Carbine.

Single PlayerEdit

The M249 LMG is the most powerful automatic weapon in the singleplayer campaign and kills Korean military police and Korean regular soldiers with just one bullet hit. Other LMGs and assault rifles require 2 bullet hits to kill a Korean soldier, while the M9 pistol or various submachine guns can require 3 to 4 hits to kill.


"Primary LMG of the United States Armed Forces. The box magazine holds 100 rounds of linked ammunition. Difficult to control due to high recoil."
— In-game description

The M249 SAW LMG is unlocked at level 1. The M249 has a high recoil rate when used in full auto, however, the recoil can be lowered by using the ability Steady Aim to somewhat reduce recoil so you can fire more liberally. It also is not very good for a more offensive style of play, it is much better while on the defense, such as defending an objective from a nearby firing position. Some players also dislike the M249's somewhat bulky sights, and add a Red Dot Sight or Holo scope, but usually not the ACOG Scope, due to the high amount of recoil.


  • It is unlikely that the M249 is the KPA standard light machine gun since the former South Korean military already used an FN Minimi type machine gun, the Daewoo K-3, in large quantities and would have been successively put in service with the KPA. It is more likely that the M249 used by the KPA are captured US Army weapons re-issued to rear guard troops.

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