M200 Sniper
Unlocked at 19
Magazine Size 5
Fire Mode Bolt-action
Ammunition possibly .408 Cheytac
Used by Multiplayer

The M200 (CheyTac Intervention) is a sniper rifle featured in Homefront. It is fed by a detachable single stack magazines which holds seven (in game five) rounds and it fires the .408 CheyTac or .375 CheyTac.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Bolt-action sniper rifle. Magazine holds five custom-tooled cartridges. Effective at extreme range. Has 4x thermal optics and a laser rangefinder.


The M200 is featured in the mission Heartland. Jacobs is required to used a silenced version of the sniper rifle to shoot down Survivalist guards and RPG troops that have been marked by Connor Morgan.

The M200 is found again in the mission Golden Gate. After destroying the KPA Helicopter and opening the gates, it can be found in the first tower to the right.


The M200 in multiplayer is the second sniper rifle unlocked. This gun is unlocked at level 19. It comes with a x4 zoom (slightly more than the M110's x3) and thermal imaging. It can be less useful than the M110, as it has negligible if any power increase and a dramatically slower rate of fire. Its one largest advantage, the thermal scope, can be used with the M110 as well when the thermal goggles are unlocked; making this gun's primary useful feature the slightly increased zoom. However, since thermal goggles are only available after level 49 and require battle points to purchase, the M200 is a viable option if the player wishes to save battle points for a different purchase.

At long range, it takes two shots to the body or a single headshot to kill.

While in ADS, the sound of the bolt ends about half a second before the next shot can be fired.

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