M16 rifle
Unlocked at 27
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Ammunition 5.56 NATO
Used by United States Armed Forces
American Resistance
Korean People's Army

The M16 is an American-made assault rifle featured in Homefront. It is a standard issue US Armed Forces rifle, seeing service since 1961. in game, it is semi automatic and treated more like a marksman rifle

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The primary infantry rifle during the Vietnam War. Limited to semi-automatic operation but has greater accuracy, range, and damage than the M4. When aiming down the sights, the M16 provides a longer range zoom than other weapons, with the exception of the sniper rifles.


In singleplayer campaign, it was shown to be used by both Resistance forces, and the military of Greater Korean Republic. This rifle possess a great degree of accuracy, allowing it to be used in engaging enemy targets at long ranges, however it is also portrayed to be Semi-auto only, limiting its usefulness at close ranges.


In multiplayer, the M16 is a weapon with high damage per bullet and is a highly accurate weapon, offset by its semi-automatic fire rate. This combination makes it deadly at long ranges, but rather less useful at close ranges. Its reload speed is moderate and its ammo count is high. The M16 is unlocked at level 27.

With the Steady Aim perk, the M16 has practically no recoil, except when firing at extremely distant targets. The M16 makes for a fair Designated Marksman's weapon when combined with an ACOG scope, though it lacks the power and zoom of a true sniper's weapon. It would be more effective at long range, however.

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  1. The weapon is modeled after the M16A4 which is in fact a selective fire (semi-auto or 3 round bursts) assault rifle, instead of semi-auto only.
  2. The M16 is the only semi automatic assault rifle in homefront.
  3. The M16 is also seen in use with the survivalists.