Los Angeles was the most populous city in California and was the second largest city in the United States before being attacked by the Greater Korean Republic. It was known as the entertainment capital of the world. The city under the Korean occupation became a Propaganda Capital of the New Korean Federation of Occupied America, thanks to utilizing Hollywood and other major media centers.


Los Angeles was hit hard from the economic recession. The city's movie industry closed down as it could no longer afford in making a product; strip malls had become parking lots for the homeless; the famous Walk of Fame had deteriorated into despair; Grauman's Chinese Theatre became a homeless shelter; the Kodiak Theatre became one of the government-run heating centers, although often Hollywood's old guard attempted to put on a live show that was rarely visited; the wealthy living in Beverley Hills turned their homes into fortresses and hiring security professions, which ironically was one of the few businesses to prospered, as crime in the city was at an all-time high.[1]

During the Korean EMP attack, Los Angeles denigrated into a state of anarchy within a week. Law enforcement were at a serious disadvantage without the benefits of transportation, proper supplies, and manpower that forced most officers to give up. Without electricity, hospitals and medical facilities could not cope with the sick and wounded, in which people died by the hundreds. Compounded with the death tolls were the number of corpses littered throughout the city. The bodies were not bothered to be removed by cleanup crews, and many closed schools were turned into ad-hoc morgues for the corpses. The corpse problem was eventually resolved with a decree from the city mayor that the bodies were to be cremated in mass funeral pyres.[1] By the end, the city authorities became disenchanted in keeping order and admitted in defeat, and leaving the crisis altogether.[1]

After the Korean People's Army began their invasion and encroaching into Los Angeles, a massive resistance movement have been organized to thwart the operations of the GKR in the city, which made up of the now-united formerly hostile street gangs of Los Angeles that includes the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, and all other criminal street gangs who have since set aside their differences with each other and even the former police force, to unite against their new common enemy. The resistance has been dubbed as "insurgents" by the GKR. Compton, Watts, Inglewood, and other formerly seedy, high-crime districts of Los Angeles have been turned into resistance strongholds.[1]


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