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Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-Il
Status Deceased
Birth February 16th, 1941 (Soviet records)

February 16th, 1942 (DPRK records)

Death January 2nd, 2012
Nationality North Korea
Family Kim Il-sung (father)
Kim Jong-un (son)
Rank Supreme Leader

Kim Jong-il (Korean: 김정일) was the leader of North Korea (DPRK) until his death in 2012. He was then succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un.


Kim Jong-il took power after his father, Kim Il-sung, passed away in 1994. Under his leadership, Kim Jong-il ruled North Korea as a brutal dictator. He expelled all foreign influence from the nation and began a nuclear weapons program. Additionally, he cracked down heavily on dissidents within the North. Citizens who so much as complained about a ration would be arrested and sent to a concentration camp-like facility. 10% of all North Koreans are imprisoned in these prison towns. Despite his criticism of capitalism, Kim Jong-il lived a lavish lifestyle while millions of North Koreans starved.

Kim Jong-il was the focus of a strong cult of personality and was even more notable for his erratic behavior and bizarre policies. However, many people who have met him regard him as informed and not delusional, and was considered a dangerous figure to his nation's neighbors and to the western world.[1]

Kim Jong-il had three sons, each from a different mother. His youngest son Kim Jong-un grew up in the North and would later receive a Swiss education. In 2002, U.S. President George Bush included North Korea in his "Axis of Evil" speech, initiating a strong foreign policy stance against North Korea.

After North Korea's nuclear test in 2011, it was reported that Kim Jong-il was not seen in public for several months. On 2 January 2012, North Korea's main news outlet announced his death due to a sudden fatal stroke. His death initially brought a level of cautious optimism in Seoul.[2]



  • In reality, Kim Jong-il died from a heart attack on December 17th, 2011; two weeks away from making Homefront's prediction came true.
  • Kim Jong-il is removed from the Japanese version of Homefront.


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