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Kelsie Wilcox
Status Alive
Nationality American
Family Ben Walker (husband)
Affiliations American Resistance
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Kelsie Wilcox is a main supporting character in the novel Homefront: The Voice of Freedom. She is Ben Walker's second wife.



Kelsie was born in Houston and her family traveled across the country after her father lost his job. Her family had lived in fifteen different states for six years. She managed to graduate from high school in Chicago, in spite of going to six different schools, and left for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studied electrical engineering.

She moved to Boulder City and worked at Hoover Dam. During the economic crisis, she was laid off from her job and chose to work at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace as a blackjack dealer. This was before the city declined, but she continued to work at Caesars Palace.

Meeting Ben WalkerEdit

After the Korean invaded, Kelsie worked for Las Vegas' reorganized Casino Management Company and was part of a team that worked on restoring the city's power grid.

Kelsie met Ben Walker during a Black Jack session. Upon hearing her skills as a electrical engineering, Walker recruited her in helping him set a working radio. Eventually, they began to sleep with each other, and they also became lovers.

During the Las Vegas bombing executed by Salmusa, Wilcox, accompanied by Walker and a small group of ragtags escaped the doomed city and traversed the desert to sought shelter, and had to equally distribute food and other rations. Following Walker's intentions to find a local resistance cell in Bryce Canyon, the group traveled there. However, upon arrival the cell was compromised and forcing the group to move to Montrose, Colorado.

She, along with the Resistance, plan out ways to broadcast the Voice of Freedom's voice all over the United States. When Walker thinks about heading east across the Mississippi River, Wilcox agreed to come with him.

The couple traveled to St. Peters and meeting with the local resistance cell. At this point, Kelsie declined to continue with Walker. After a discussion, she admits to him that she is indeed pregnant and unlikely to cross the Mississippi hindered by her pregnancy.

After Walker left, the St. Peters was raided by the KPA and Kelsie escaped with Martha Malloy. The two traveled to Kansas City.


Walker has stated that she is a courageous, assertive young woman.


She has been noted to be very intelligent, able to process information quickly, and is able to repair a radio station in mere days. She also has been talking with Hopper Lee about technical studies, and other garble as Walker states.


  • According to Walker, Kelsie Wilcox is described as a brunette, having an exquisite body shape, and is apparently very attractive.