UN Observer Report:

I arrived in the United States on board a UN aircraft that took off from the United Kingdom and landed in Philadelphia. We arrived ahead of the news that the Korean Premier, John Tae-se, has deployed a fleet of relief shops to the United States. They will arrive here in five days and it's our job to observe the Korean operations here and report to the UN as to how the transition of government authority progresses. I've had the pleasure of meeting the Premier and I believe he fully intends to help rebuild the US and help it recover from its run of destructive leaders which led the country and its people to this situation. People are scared of a foreign force setting foot on American soil but they also understand all too well that this is necessary if they are to survive as a people and a nation. Korea is the richest and most advanced nation on Earth and I'm glad to see them using their influence to help other nations.

The KPA have arrived in Philadelphia. The ships reached the West Coast a month ago and in that time we have heard countless reports from correspondents in other cities about the reception the Americans have given to the Koreans. The situation seems incredibly positive. The first thing the Korean Administration unloaded was food and medical aid. There are reports of celebrations and cheering all across the Western coastline as emergency hospitals and food banks are quickly set up. The Koreans waste no time in deploying planes and ground vehicles to travel East across the country in order to reach the central and eastern cities.

The Korean aid workers wasted no time, setting up the large and well stocked food banks and aid stations. They also started to create temporary housing for all those who had lost their homes in the rioting and economy collapse.

I walk through the city streets now and encounter nothing but friendly faces. No one is throwing bottles or bricks, no one is attacking the Koreans or rioting. People are just thankful to have the basics taken care of for now because for most of them, it has been a long time since they slept somewhere warm and ate three meals a day.