KPA Armored Cars are a type of enemy vehicle used by the Korean People's Army in Homefront: The Revolution.


KPA Armored Cars are enemy vehicles used by the Korean People's Army, for the purposes of patrolling certain zones, transporting prisoners, and providing armored escort for KPA Officials or Liaison Officers. They are part of the objective of raising Hearts and Minds, where destroying them will count towards the objective.

Armored Cars can be regularly seen in both Red and Yellow Zones and also the Restricted Zone and the Green Zone. They are most often seen driving down the streets of Philadelphia escorted by KPA soldiers with its Heavy Machine Gun patrolling 360 degrees around the vehicle, attacking any hostile soldiers it finds.


  • Armored Cars will most commonly patrol the streets of the Yellow Zones escorted by KPA soldiers. During this time, the coaxial Heavy Machine Gun will analyse the area around it with a blue scanner beam that will spot you will you enter it.
  • Every Armored Car has a fuel line at its rear that, if shot, will cause the vehicle to explode. This is a good way to neutralise the Armored Car without using any Explosives, limpet mines or rockets. Recommended weapons include the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle and Marksman Rifle.
  • Incendiaries have no effect on the Armored Cars, however they may be used to kill KPA soldiers that exit once you start your attack.
  • Explosives can be used to destroy Armored Cars, however they require that you throw them in a way that’ll guarantee that they will do damage, otherwise you‘ll waste your resources. Approximately 2 Explosives are enough to destroy an Armored Car.


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