Status Deceased
Death April 9, 2026
Nationality American
Affiliations American Resistance
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Jim was a male nurse who lived in Las Vegas.


Jim was a nurse at one of the hospitals in Las Vegas that remained open after the detonation by the Korean EMP. He didn't become a doctor because he viewed the profession had become too corrupt in the years of the economic crisis. The black market had reached out and ensnared a vast number of physicians who took payoffs to prescribe illegally obtained drugs and accepted kickbacks from insurance companies. He later joined the American Resistance.

On April 9th, 2026, while looking over Ben Walker and Kelsie Wilcox Wilcox from a bread stand, while they were attaching an antenna to the radio station's roof. A woman and her daughter bought two pieces of bread from Jim when a KPA officer approached him. After being arrested by the officer for miscommunication, the officer found out he was a member of the Resistance when he saw the radio Jim and Walker used to communicate. Jim risked his life for Walker by taking off into the street, but was shot and killed by the officer.

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