Nationality Korean
Affiliations Korean People's Army
Rank Colonel-Commandant
Appears in Homefront
Voice by Hoon Lee[1]

Colonel-Commandant Jeong (Korean: 정) is a KPA officer stationed in Montrose, Colorado.[2]


In 2027, Col. Jeong and two KPA soldiers forced their way into Robert Jacobs's home to question him as to why he has not enlisted in the KPA's military to serve his country. Jeong had Jacobs arrested and sent him on his way to a re-education camp. However, Jacobs was rescued by the Resistance.

Later, when a Resistance cell was going through the labor camp based in Montrose, they were compromised and forced to hide in a mass grave while Jeong overlooks and searches for them. He orders the two soldiers to fire into the grave, suspecting the Resistance members to be hiding in the grave. When there was no reaction, he went back to his helicopter to continue his search.

His fate after the Battle of San Francisco is unknown, he most likely being killed while trying to defend the city or retreating out of the country when the KPA loses all their standing in the US.


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