Incendiaries are improvised explosive devices used by the Resistance against the Korean People's Army in Philadelphia.

Overview Edit

Incendiaries are one of four items available in the Guerrilla Toolkit that can be crafted using Propellant and Igniters. They resemble Molotov Cocktails; improvised incendiary bombs constructed from a glass bottle filled with flammable fuel and motor oil with a wick soaked in alcohol or kerosene protruding from the top. Upon ignition of the wick, the Molotov Cocktail is then thrown and the fuel inside will explode into flames once the bottle hits the target and shatters. Incendiaries are extremely effective against regular KPA soldiers in areas such as the Yellow Zones and Red Zones, however are useless against Vehicles such as KPA Armored Cars and Wolverines. KPA soldiers in Hazmat suits, such as those seen in KPA Fortresses or in Red Zones such as Lombard, where KPA nerve gas is present.

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