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Please note that you must have 50 main space edits to vote. Ineligible votes will be struck through and ignored.

You must have 50 main space edits to nominate someone.

Rules of Nomination Edit

  • User must have made a significant contribution to the wiki, such as article redesigns or image uploading.
  • User must not have been the User of the Month before.
  • User must not have been blocked within the last 2 months.
  • User should be mature and responsible in their interactions with other users.
  • Users cannot nominate themselves for this position.


User of the Month elections are to be conducted as follows:

  • Nominator will make the nomination as detailed above.
  • Votes will be cast below the nominated of the user's choice.
    • Comments are optional
    • Use bullets (*)
    • Sign your posts.


To nominate a user, list their username and give a somewhat detailed description of why you feel that said user deserves to be the User of the Month. Users who are up for nomination cannot vote on their own nomination. Nominations can only be added from the 19th to the 23rd of the month. Any nominations added outside of this period will be rendered invalid. Voting ends on the first of the next month. The nominee with the most votes will be declared the User of the Month for the month that just ended. Please note that users should only be nominated for what they have done within the past month. Just because a user is valuable to the Wiki and has yet to be recognized as a User of the Month does not mean that they deserve to be in the running.

Please place nominations below this line.

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