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This page is for requesting an improvement drive article. To nominate an article for the Improvement Drive, put {{Improvement drive article}} on top of the requested page and add the name of the page and why you think it deserves to be the improvement drive article below the line on this page. If you think a page is too good to be an improvement drive article, you can also submit a vote to take it out of the improvement drive article group. You can vote on and nominate multiple articles at the same time. Articles are not competing with each other, and multiple articles can be added to the improvement drive at the same time. Any article in the improvement drive cannot be a featured article until it is taken out of the group.

Qualifications Edit

Article must have some problems such as:

  • Article written in first person and/or biased.
  • Article doesn't contain any images.
  • Article is short.
  • Article isn't categorized and/or sourced where needed.
  • Article has frequent spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Voter qualifications Edit

  • Voter must be a registered user who has either accumulated 50 edits on this wiki, or has proven that they otherwise know what they are doing.


New Korean Federation of Occupied AmericaEdit

I think it should be put into the Improvement Drive because its grammar and spelling is awful.Goodboy12 11:55, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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