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This is a collaborative walkthrough for Homefront. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.

Chapter 1: Why We FightEdit


  • Answer the door
  • Pick up the pistol
  • Exit the bus
  • Follow Connor
  • Get the assault rifle
  • Follow Connor
  • Survive ambush
  • Escape through suburbs

Guerrilla Difficulty GuideEdit

thumb|right|300px|Why We Fight Walkthrough - Part 2 thumb|left|300px|Why We Fight Walkthrough - Part 1

Chapter 2: FreedomEdit

Guerrilla Difficulty GuideEdit

thumb|left|300px|Freedom Walkthrough - Part 1thumb|300px|right|Freedom Walkthrough - Part 2

Chapter 3: FiresaleEdit

Guerrilla Difficulty GuideEdit

thumb|left|300px|Fire Sale Walkthrough - Part 1thumb|300px|right|Fire Sale Walkthrough - Part 2

Chapter 4: The WallEdit

Guerrilla Difficulty GuideEdit

thumb|300px|left|The Wall Walkthrough - Part 1thumb|300px|right|The Wall Walkthrough - Part 2

Chapter 5: HeartlandEdit

Guerrilla Difficulty GuideEdit

thumb|300px|left|Heartland Walkthrough - Part 1thumb|300px|right|Heartland Walkthrough - Part 2

Chapter 6: OverwatchEdit

Guerrilla Difficulty GuideEdit

thumb|300px|left|Overwatch Walkthrough

Chapter 7: Golden GateEdit

thumb|300px|left|Golden Gate - Part 1 thumb|300px|right|Golden Gate - Part 2

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