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Holo Scope
Holo Scope Mk1 ADS

Holo Scope Mk1 ADS
Games found Homefront
Kills required 5

The Holo Scope is an optical attachment which projects a red circle and dot reticle for easier target acquisition.


The Holo Scope is unlocked after 5 kills are scored with a weapon, and is available for all weapons except for sniper rifles.

The Holo Scope essentially replaces the iron sights of a weapon and displays a holographic sight instead. The Holo Scope offers an average amount of peripheral vision which may help the player survive in heated situations. The Holo Scope also seems to have more zoom than the Red Dot Sight. However, the bulky holographic reticle still suffers at long or extreme range and is intended for short-mid range usage.

There are three variations available: Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3. There are no differences in functionality between them, but they do have different appearances.