Hell fire
Games found Homefront
Unlocked at 1
Cost 1100 BP
Type Airstrike

The AGM-114 Hellfire missle is an air-to-surface missile. It has been in combat since the mid-1980s.


Two UCAV-launched air-to-surface precision guided missiles. Fly-by-wire allows post-launch guidance correction. Highly effective against vehicles.


The Hellfire missile is unlocked at level 1. It can be purchased for 1100 BP, or 880 if the Penny Pincher ability is equipped. When using Hellfire missiles, the player is brought to the UCAV view, and can fire up to 2 missiles, one after the other. It lacks the area of effect that White Phosphorus or the Cluster Bomb has, meaning it is only really useful for taking out single targets, or close groups of enemies. However, the Hellfire missles can be guided, meaning that with some skill and careful timing it is actually possible to hit targets that are inside buildings (providing they are near a door/window).

Despite what the it says in the description, it is only reasonably effective against light vehicles. Anything stronger than a Humvee will require at least 2 hits, but due to post launch correction, vehicles are easy to engage while moving.