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Games found Homefront
Unlocked at 1

A Flashbang is a non-lethal stun grenade that disorient targets with a bright flash which eliminates sight and a high pitch sound which fractures the target(s)' hearing. In combination, these variables will cause the enemy to stumble for an easy takedown of choice. It is best used as a room breaching guardian.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Non-lethal stun grenade that disorients targets with a bright flash and loud noise.


The flashbang has no affect if thrown behind a person, that person will only hear a small sound. It is unlocked at Level 1 and you spawn with 2 flashbangs. Flashbangs are very useful for clearing out rooms with campers or a sniper postion but be warned that players will use their minimap to locate you. Use a silencer so that enemies cannot locate you and pick your targets carefully. If they start shooting blindly, use a frag and after it explodes move in and clear.