Status Alive
Nationality American
Appears in Homefront

El-Rey is a prisoner in the Montrose, Colorado labor camp.[1]


El Rey is a smuggler in the labor camp, using a secret tunnel near one of the gates of the labor camp to bring drugs and other contraband into the camp. He usually refers to himself in the third person. In 2027, his tunnel is used by Connor Morgan, Hopper Lee and Robert Jacobs to sneak into the labor camp. He says that if the KPA discovers his supply tunnel because of them he would be upset with them.


  • "You wanna talk to El-Rey? That's cool..."
  • "El-Rey's got what you want... Hell, I even got American cigarettes."


  • 'El-Rey' means 'the King' in Spanish.
  • The line "You wanna talk to El-Rey? That's cool" is a possible reference to the 2000 game Deus Ex, in which a female Brooklyn subway gang member says the same line upon interaction.


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