Dana Moore
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Status KIA
Birth 2002
Death 2029 (aged 27)
Nationality American
Affiliations The Resistance
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution
Voice by Hannah Taylor Gordon

Dana Moore was a member of the Philadelphia Resistance. Known for her ruthless nature, she was one of the Resistance's best tactical leaders, taking the fight to the KPA whenever she was needed.


Dana was a convict, convicted of fraud, manipulation, and aggressive behavior.[1] She was imprisoned in Riverside Penitentiary and was sexually abused by prison guards and the warden, William Simpson. Although Dana testified before the Department of Corrections of Simpson and his collaborators' crimes, her testimony seems to be for naught after Simpson countered the argument in regards to Dana's own criminal and violent history.[2]

Sometime after the Korean occupation, Dana joined Jack Parrish's resistance cell in Philadelphia. Her time in the Resistance established a strong bond with Parrish, whom she treated like a brother.

After being betrayed by James Crawford, Dana and Parrish came up with a final last-ditch plan to storm City Hall and capture Mayor Simpson. Upon capturing Simpson, Dana suffered an emotional breakdown and killed her former tormentor on live television. Simpson's murder by her provoked the KPA to gas Philadelphia.

Dana and the Resistance attempted to storm Independence Hall to shut down the Duster Drone control center that protects the KPA Airships. However, their path was blocked by a Goliath, which wounded Parrish. Dana then chose to sacrifice herself to save Jack and Brady by suicide bombing the Goliath much to the shock and dismay of her compatriots.

Personality Edit

Dana was a ruthless soldier who was willing to use as much violence, and even torture, necessary to obtain her goals. She was even feared by Resistance members, particularly Baker and Scozzari. Dana was slightly sadistic, as shown on her first encounter with Brady when she, mistaking him for a spy, toys with him and gloats about how she was going to torture him for information. Dana can be considered the opposite of Sam Burnett: while Sam was a peaceful doctor who showed strong disdain for any violence, Dana is a violent combatant who appears to be excited by violence.

Despite her ruthlessness, Dana suffers heavy emotional trauma and instability, as shown when she begins crying and shooting walls when Simpson toys with her and ultimately kills him in a fit of uncontrollable rage. Dana genuinely loves Parrish, referring to him as her "brother". She also cares deeply for Brady and the Resistance, and chose to end her life so they can continue with their mission.

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