Chang Sung-taek
Nationality Korean
Family Kim Jong-un (nepthew)
Appears in Homefront (mentioned)

Chang Sung-taek is Korea's Minister of Finance in 2013. He is also Kim Jong-un's uncle, and helped groom him to take power following Kim Jong-il's death.[1]


In 2013, Chang Sung-taek publicly blames the United States for causing the decline of the global economy. He claims that, "Years of irresponsible financial practices have led the world to this point," and that, "Wall Street has stolen the Korea's hard earned money in the casino floor of exotic derivatives and other financial scams."[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The real-life Jang Sung-taek was purged and later executed in December 2013 after being abruptly deemed "counter-revolutionary" by North Korean authorities. It is widely suspected that many members of his family were also killed.


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