Camouflage is a feature in Homefront's multiplayer. They are put on your gun to change your gun's appearance in-game. Each one is unlocked with a certain amount of kills in one life such as Unlocked by 2 kill streak.

List of CamouflageEdit


Though structurally sound, subtle stress fractures lace this exclusive finish. (Exclusive)


You're as cold as ice and so is your weapon with this exclusive camo. (Exclusive)


Your enemies will go to piecesjjjj when they see you wielding this exclusive finish. (Exclusive)


This desert pattern packs so much heat, your enemies think you're a mirage. Unlocked by 2 kill streak.


This traditional forest pattern is best used when hunting deer, elk, and enemy patrols. Unlocked by 2 kill streak.


You'll blend in like a chameleon in a concrete jungle with this urban camo. Unlocked by 4 kill streak.


Your gun may look digital, but your bullets are still analogue. Unlocked by 4 kill streak.

Digital CircuitEdit

You used to be the captain of the A/V squad; now your squad captain. Show your nerd pride. Unlocked by 6 kill streak.


You may not have been born on the bayou, but your weapon will look the part with this pattern. Unlocked by 6 kill streak.

Digital AdvancedEdit

Bee all that you can be with this futuristic honeycomb pattern. Unlocked by 8 kill streak.


Break your opponents' spirits and shatter their confidence with this finish. Unlocked by 8 kill streak.

Dragon FireEdit

"Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice." You've chosen to end it with fire. Unlocked by 10 kill streak.

Dragon IceEdit

No ice dragons were harmed during the manufacture of this dragon scale camo pattern. Unlocked by 10 kill streak.


Nothing comes closer to that classic hot rod look like this clean, chrome finish. Unlocked at level 55.


Your enemies will fear the flash of your bling as much as the flash and bang that come with it. Unlocked at level 60.


The viper is feared the world over for its quick strikes and deadly venom. Make the world fear you as well. Unlocked at level 65.


Perses was the Greek Titan god of destruction. Honor him by using this aggressive pattern. Unlocked at level 70.

I <3 My GunEdit

You love your gun. Now show the rest of the world with this final, fabulous camo scheme. Unlocked at level 75.

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