Kingdom of Cambodia

(Preăh Réachéanachâk Kâmpŭchéa)

Flag of Cambodia
Games Homefront
Location Southeastern Asia
Leader Unknown (probably Hun Sen), occupied by Greater Korean Republic

Cambodia was a small country in southeastern Asia. It was mentioned that this was one of the countries that joined the Greater Korean Republic.

Cambodia has a bloody history of atrocities, massacres and massive starvation deaths during the regime of Pol Pot.

In 2018, Cambodia, one of the nations that have provided the Koreans with material support and are suspected of holding closed-door trade discussions with the East Asia power, voted against the UN resolution condemning Korea's actions after a Japanese nuclear power plant was destroyed.[1] Despite the spreading of Korean annexation through at least some degree of military force and noted bloodshed in 2021, it was also mentioned that "representatives are expected to focus on trade talks between member nations as well as a decision on whether to allow Cambodia and Vietnam to join the Republic."[2]


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