"We're not running, we're regrouping. It's gonna be a different kind of fight from now on."
— Captain Michael Hennings

The California National Guard are the combined military forces of the state of California. They are assigned to protect the state from riots and attacks by foreign nations.

Homefront: The Voice of FreedomEdit

In 2025, the California National Guard was affected heavily by the Korean cyber attack. They lost com uplinks with their superiors and were unable to restore order after the EMP attack. On January 25th, the National Guard attempted to repel the Korean invasion, but failed. Many units were forced to fall back inland. The KPA seized control of many of their bases and confiscated their equipment.

A group of Guardsmen from Los Angeles managed to escape across the Mojave Desert. They lost several men in a firefight shortly after, leaving only nineteen. On May 17th, they came upon Ben Walker and accepted him into their unit. In July, three more men died due to a strain of the Knoxville Cough. Later that month, they engaged and defeated a Korean convoy on Interstate 15. Masters and Hodge were killed in the fight. The Guardsmen were later warmly greeted in Las Vegas on August 5th and moved on a week later, leaving Walker. They linked up with another group of Guardsmen led by Weimer and Vietnamese freedom fighters led by Nguyen Huu Giap in Utah and operated out of Bryce Canyon National Park.[1]

At the start of February 2026, much of their 30-man squad was killed by the KPA, including their leader Michael Hennings. Hopper Lee joined the cell at some point with Goliath. Down to twelve, the cell linked up with several resistance fighters including Ben Walker and Kelsie Wilcox on February 5th. The cell lost eight men including Washington in a subsequent firefight. Afterwards, the cell moved to Montrose, Colorado. They assisted the Montrose cell for several months. In the process, Nguyen was killed. They later left Montrose and Hopper Lee and participated in a raid on a KPA supply depot in Denver. Wally Kopple took command of an M1A3 Abrams tank and headed solo to St. Louis to once again link up with Ben Walker. He then helped Walker to cross the Mississippi River at the cost of his own life.[1]



Small ArmsEdit



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