Games found Homefront
Unlocked at 24
Magazine Size 4, 2(Multiplayer)
Starting Ammunition 4, 2(Multiplayer)
Maximum Ammunition 4
Fire Mode Thrown, remote detonation
Ammunition Explosives
Used by American Resistance

C4 is a special explosive featured in the game Homefront.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Composition C plastic explosive with remote detonation trigger. Multiple bricks can be placed and detonated simutaneously.


In the first mission, C4 must be used to destroy an enemy LAV-25. It is later found in other levels, specially at the Golden Gate bridge. Although it is not used again to destroy vehicles, the blast radius makes it ideal to fend off the waves of KPA soldiers that come for the player while capturing the SAM batteries.


Unlocked at level 24.

Players receive two C4 satchel charges on spawn, which are thrown a short distance with the Special Grenade button. After deployment, the player triggers the explosion with the detonator by holding either the Reload button (if the C4 is in flight) or the Fire button (once it is set). C4 is more powerful than a Frag Grenade with a larger blast radius, and a single satchel can destroy a Humvee within 20 feet or so. Unfortunately, C4 is difficult to use at range like a grenade because the throwing distance is very limited. Aiming upward and/or jumping before throwing will marginally increase its range. If the player can't get a vehicle it is best to use the C4 as a land mine in highly traveled zones like a highway for vehicles or a long battle over one spot, they can take out 5 to 6 targets within 5 to 10 feet and seriously injure targets within 10 to 20 feet.

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