Favicon homefront
Status Alive
Birth 2006 (age 21)
Affiliations Resistance
Appears in Homefront
Voice by Boris McGiver

"Brooks has a wierd sense of humor."
Boone Karlson, referring to Brooks choosing the Montrose Elementary School for a drop off point.

Brooks is a member of the Resistance in Gunnison, Colorado.[1]


Brooks is a member of the Gunnison division of the Resistance, he left weapons in an elementary school in Montrose for the Montrose cell's raid on the KPA fuel depot. When Connor Morgan, Rianna, Hopper Lee, and Robert Jacobs return to the Oasis and find everyone dead, Connor radios the remaining existing Resistance members, to inform them of the Oasis and Boone's status. Brooks responds by saying the KPA's "718" unit found their safehouse in Gunnison, Connor tells him they'll be escaping through the Wall.

When the groups reaches the Wall, they find Brooks and some of his men waiting for them. Brooks informs them that his men are pinned at the Wall taking heavy casualties, and not to expect reinforcements due to the KPA's air strikes killing almost everyone nearby. He also informed them that RPG teams backed up by KPA regulars are holding them down, and that they would have to lower some road blocks in order for Goliath to reach a gate it was going to destroy. He thinks the RPG teams stationed on the Wall will be easy to kill but the challenge will be killing the ones in the buildings. It is unknown if he escapes through the Wall with Connor and the others.


  • He is voiced by Boris McGiver[2]


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