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Boone Karlson
Character boone
Status KIA
Birth 1987/1988
Death 2027
Nationality American
Affiliations Resistance
Colorado State Police
Weapon M249 SAW LMG
Appears in Homefront
Homefront: The Voice of Freedom
Voice by Jim Coleman[1]
"You must be the pilot. I'm Boone Karlson. I founded this cell. The U.S. military's gathering near San Francisco. They need fuel. We've got a plan to get it there. But we need you."
— Karlson enlists Robert Jacobs

Boone Karlson was the kind and noble leader of a Resistance cell based in Montrose, Colorado.



Boone was born sometime in 1987 or 1988 and was a former state police officer stationed in Montrose. After the Korean invasion, Boone formed his resistance cell devoted to freeing the American people from their Korean controllers. Boone's resistance cell was situated in a hidden and abandoned suburb known as the Oasis.


Boone arranged the rescue and recruitment of former Marine helicopter pilot Robert Jacobs to recover jet fuel for the U.S. Military in San Francisco. Boone initially joined with Jacobs, Connor Morgan, Hopper Lee, and Rianna in the search for the fuel, but was critically wounded and forced to return to the Oasis. Unfortunately, the Korean People's Army discovered the Oasis and executed everyone while killing Boone for last. This was done in retaliation to the Resistance's recent actions. Boone was left hanging on a swingset with both arms tied up as a statement to the remaining resistance fighters.



  • In earlier gameplay, he had the same outfit but was caucasian with a full head of hair and a beard.